Are you ready to get ratty?

The YMCA Rat Race is a cheeky cheesy and challenging obstacle course designed for maximum laughs and ir-RAT-ional levels of FUN!

On Sunday 28th of October, your team will be given a large novelty inflatable cheese to protect and carry throughout the scenic Brisbane river based course and over the obstacles.

Our dedicated ‘Pest Patrols’ will be out to run interference and ‘rescue’ the cheese – adding that extra level of RATified intensity.

In 2018, we have introduced a few new elements to the event including making both courses, 8km and 4km, available to everyone aged 7+.

With up to 16 ratty obstacles including the torturous RAT TRAP and the adrenalin pumping BIG CHEESE and 10 BRAND NEW “Wild Cards”, our teams are in for an rat-tastic experience.


The Rat Trap

Drowned Rat

The Drain Pipe

Cheese Balls

Tunnel Rat

Be Amazed

Fiesty Fondue

The Big Cheese

Cheese Squeeze

Ratatouille Rebel

Rat Attack

Get Rattled

Slip 'N' Slice

Cheese Puffs

Wild Card

Why are we fundraising?

More than 25% of Australian children go to school hungry. Too often children from disadvantaged and dysfunctional families are not given breakfast or even lunch – and find it very difficult to concentrate in class. This significantly impacts their ability to learn and absorb information affecting their grades. Consequently, their self-confidence suffers along with their health.

The YMCA currently provides more than 500,000 breakfasts a year. In 2017/2018, we added 15 new schools to the program, bringing the total to 105 schools across South East Queensland. But the need is still BIG!

Our aim is to not only be providing breakfast to more than 200 schools in the next 5 years, but to also be educating these kids on good nutrition and empowering them and their families with the skills to improve their food choices at home.

In 2018, with your help, we would like to add an additional 15 schools the YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program.

Who we are

Often when people think of the Y, they think of their local gym, hostel or even the Village People song! What few people may actually know is that the Y has been active in Queensland for more than 150 years.

Did you know that the Y was instrumental in the development of the Red Cross and Father’s Day? Or that the Y invented basketball, volleyball, softball and racquetball?

The YMCA in Queensland not only runs fitness and recreation centres, a hotel, restaurant, and pools; but also child care centres, camping facilities, Queensland Youth Parliament, OSHC centres, vocational schools, community centres, youth mentoring, school’s breakfast program, affordable housing programs, meals for the homeless and much, much more!

Wherever the Y is, we strive to make a positive difference by providing each and every person the opportunity to be healthy, happy and connected.

The Y’s ability to positively impact people’s lives, strengthen communities and respond proactively to today’s biggest social challenges is significant, with its diverse programs and services delivered to communities across Queensland.